Digital Humanities For Everyone’s Benefit? Interplay in social media with the great audience, high-esteemed researcher and self-conscious library

The National Library of Finland realizes the Digitization Project of Kindred Languages in 2012–15. The project is financially supported by the Kone Foundation. During this project the National Library of Finland has digitized and made available approximately 1200 monograph and more than 100 newspaper titles in several Uralic languages. The materials are available to both researchers and citizens in the National Library’s Fenno-Ugrica collection.

The project will produce digitized materials in the Uralic languages as well as their development tools to support linguistic research and citizen science. The resulting materials will constitute the largest resource for the Uralic languages in the world. Through this project, researchers will gain access to corpora which they have not been able to study before and to which all users will have open access regardless of their place of residence.

In my presentation, I will discuss 1) how we utilized the social media (Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte etc) to gain audience for our collection and 2) how the needs of researchers and laymen were met in crowdsourcing.

Curriculum Vitae

Jussi-Pekka Hakkarainen (b. 1976) is currently working as a Project Manager at the National Library of Finland and he is the head of the Digitization Project of Kindred Languages at the Research Library. Previously his assignments at the National Library of Finland have been linked with the open repositories, Polonica collection at the Slavonic Library and the co-operation initiatives over the e-publishing. Hakkarainen has graduated from the University of Turku (GeneralHistory) and University of Helsinki (West and South Slavonic Languages and Cultures; Czech language). Hakkarainen is also preparing his PhD thesis in history on the theme “Scientific and Political Networks of the Finnish Slavists in 1921-1925″.

 Further Reading:

“Nichesourcing. A new form of research partnership for libraries”, Scandinavian Library Quarterly, 4/2014 (47)

Project Web Site:

National Library of Finland Bulletin 2013:

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